Hailing from Samsun, the largest city and port of the Black Sea, Chef Ali incorporates many of the dishes found from his childhood into his culinary menus. Some of his earliest memories involve his time spent helping in the kitchen and summers spent on his grandparent’s farm in Anatolia where he picked fresh vegetables every morning, milked goats, made fresh yogurt and cheeses, as well as baked bread. On harvest seasons he learned to pickle vegetables and make vinegar, molasses and red pepper paste, while winters were spent in the kitchen of his aunt’s home helping to prepare dishes for the family. Being in the kitchen still remains one of the happiest moments from his childhood.

Ali specializes in world cuisine inspired by the Black Sea region of Turkey, as well as his time living abroad in areas such as Istanbul, London and now Los Angeles. Chef Ali’s vibrant, seasonal dishes make use of fresh and colorful ingredients, sourced both locally and through international farmers markets. Known for mixing moreish dishes with eastern flavors, his dishes often incorporate Turkish staples such as maize dishes, eggplant, stuffed dolmas, olive oil braised dishes, anchovies, yahnis, kebabs, mezes, salads and dough-based desserts such as baklava and kadayif. Having achieved great success in and out of the kitchen, Chef Ali has worked with private families such as the Chevron Villette Royal family, British music producer Nellee Hooper and socialite Rosa Polo.

His corporate clients include:

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Sony Pictures

  • American Express

  • Quintessentially

  • The London Photographers Gallery

  • The Appointment Group

  • Belgraves A Thomson hotel

  • Sotheby's

  • CBS – The Young and the Restless

Chef Ali moved to London in 2008 During this time he served as a senior pastry chef for Sophie’s Restaurant in Covent Garden and Chelsea. It was also during this time that he began working privately for key families and also catering corporate events. He became well known, orchestrating a string of successful Ottoman pop-up diners throughout London in 2012.

Chef Ali’s career first started in Istanbul, studying culinary art at the Bosphorus Art Institute and during which he also received a specialty certification from the Gaggenau Kochschule master course. Following, he apprenticed under Chef Gökçen Adar, one of Turkey’s most respected chef’s and culinary writers. With training completed, Chef Ali joined Changa the internationally renowned Turkish restaurant. Changa was awarded “Best Restaurant Worldwide by Restaurant magazine,  Soon after in 2005, Chef Ali was featured on the culinary television program Lezzeti Dakikalar (Delicious Minutes) where he served as guest chef for eight consecutive programs.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Chef Ali continues to spread his international experience, creating dishes infused from recipes learned abroad, as well as incorporating local ingredients. Chef Ali has quickly gained popularity, building a cachet of impressive clients. Some of his more recent Los Angeles clients include entrepreneur Rob Novinger and Vice President of CBS Films Rik Toulon. In addition to working as a private Chef, Chef Ali continues to work on corporate catering clients, as well as expanding his services to provide cooking classes and personalized meal planning. With personalized meal planning, Chef Ali has become a go-to for Angeleno’s - providing personalized recipes and advanced meal preparation for clients on-the-go. Local clients are able to experience Chef Ali’s international cuisine and flare in a less formal environment with consultation and pre-made meals delivered to your home.


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Chef Ali Cengiz is an international private chef specializing in world cuisine.

With personalized meal planning, Chef Ali has become a go-to for Angeleno's.

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