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Sample Menus

Whatever the occasion, I will work with you to build a special menu built around your preferences and personal tastes. 

Friends for a summer barbecue

  • Hazelnut-rosemary flatbread

  • Cauliflower hummus dip with pomegranate and mint

  • Preserved lemon Guacamole with black onion seeds

  • Israeli couscous with harissa marinated grilled peach and fresh mint 

  • Griddled eggplants with tabbouleh salad and tahini sauce

  • Barbecued poussin with za’atar

  • Lebanese beef kebabs with sun dried tomatoes, cucumber & mint yogurt dip

  • Blood oranges in spicy caramel sauce with home made Turkish kaymak

Lazy weekend brunch

  • Griddled flatbreads

  • Turkish red pepper paste (muammara) with walnuts, pomegranate molasses

  • Butter beans crushed with feta and roasted garlic

  • Turkish poached eggs in yogurt with chili, za’atar spiced butter (cilbir)

  • Middle eastern style granola with pomegranate, cherries and pistachio

  • Milk pudding with labneh, apricot and Turkish fairy floss

Light, healthy spring time dinner

  • Baked baby eggplants in olive oil with caramelized onion, capsicum, tomato and mint

  • Crushed broad beans, goat’s cheese za’atar bread

  • Olive oil braised celeriac with tangerine and pears

  • Slow cooked veal with fennel and olives with roasted red pepper salsa

  • Date, lentil and brown rice pilaf with saffron butter

  • Tahini halva mousse with sea salt croquant


Friends over for casual autumn dinner party

  • Carrot, turmeric, ginger soup with cashew cream and spiced chickpeas

  • Cavola nero and red bulgur pilaf with orange and glazed figs

  • Slow cooked oxtail in red wine with cinnamon and prunes

  • Home made walnut baklava with orange syrup and pistachio ice cream

These are just a few of chef Ali's selections…

Cocktail party nibbles

  • Grilled halloumi cheese wrapped in grape leaves

  • Feta, Zucchini, quinoa fritters with Turkish beet yogurt dip

  • Ottoman style stuffed vine leaves with rice, cinnamon, allspice and cherries

  • Pan fried scallops crumbled in pistachio and sumac with caviar

  • Raw beet, carrot spring rolls with Turkish tea smoked salmon, tahini sauce

  • Lamb, mint and cucumber rolls with hazelnut dukkah and yogurt

  • Lamb meatballs on broiled eggplant pure with pomegranate and fresh mint

  • Roasted figs stuffed with goat’s cheese and pistachio

  • Home made truffles with prunes, hazelnut and rose petals



Private Chef


Feast, lets celebrate

  • Griddled flatbreads

  • Roasted pumpkin hummus topped with lamb and pine nuts

  • Broiled eggplant pure with tahini, cumin and black onion seeds

  • Sugar plum tomatoes with pomegranate, sumac berries, molasses and mint

  • Moroccan roasted beets with hazelnut

  • Tagine of chicken, caramelized baby onions and pears

  • Freekeh pilaf with allspice, chestnuts, and black currant raisins

  • Slow cooked lamb yahni with sour cherries and roasted pumpkin

  • Tahini and chili baked salmon topped with toasted nuts and cilantro salad

  • Almond and apricot baklava with saffron ice cream

  • Warm Kataifi rolls stuffed with pumpkin and pecans, sahlep cream

  • Persimmon ice cream warm chocolate, raki sauce 

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